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Software Testing Digest May Edition

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Welcome to the MAY START,2023 edition of Software Testing Digest!

This issue is our first 🥇 edition which showcases the latest in software testing, including industry trends, tools, techniques, and expert insights to keep you ahead in the game. Let's dive right in!


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Fakes vs (Stubs & Mocks) in Software Integration Testing

This article cover topics such as how to use stubs and mocks to simulate external dependencies, and how to use fakes to provide simplified or partial implementations

Test Execution Time – why is it important and how can we speed it up?

In this article, we'll explore the reasons why test execution time matters in software testing, and discuss strategies and best practices for speeding up test execution.

5 API security best practices you must implement

In this article, we'll discuss five API security best practices that you must implement to ensure the security and integrity of your APIs.

All you need to know about Fuzzing / Fuzz Testing?

In this article, we'll provide a comprehensive overview of fuzzing and fuzz testing, covering topics such as what fuzzing is, how it works, and why it's important for software testing.

Which Web Testing Tool Should I Use?

There are several great tools and frameworks for automating browser-based web UI testing these days. This article talks about big three browser automation tools right now are Selenium, Cypress, and Playwright and which one to choose on which scenario.


When it comes to software integration testing, there are several techniques for simulating the behavior of external dependencies or components that your system interacts with. Two of the most common techniques are stubs and mocks, which are used to create controlled environments for testing. However, there's another technique called fakes that is sometimes used interchangeably with stubs and mocks, but actually serves a different purpose……………..

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In software testing, test execution time is a critical factor that can impact the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your testing process. Longer test execution times can lead to delays in detecting and fixing defects, increase the risk of regression issues, and slow down the delivery of new features and releases. Therefore, it's essential to understand why test execution time is important and how to optimize it for faster and more reliable testing……………..

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With the increasing use of APIs in modern software development, API security has become a critical concern for organizations of all sizes. APIs can expose sensitive data and functionality to external parties, making them a prime target for cyber attacks and data breaches. Therefore, it's essential to implement best practices for API security to protect your systems and data from unauthorized access and exploitation……………….

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Fuzzing, also known as fuzz testing, is a powerful software testing technique that involves generating and injecting unexpected inputs into a program or system to identify defects and vulnerabilities. Fuzzing can help you uncover hard-to-find bugs and security flaws that might be missed by other testing methods, and is widely used in industries such as software development, cybersecurity, and quality assurance…………………..

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Selenium, Cypress, and Playwright are all popular automation testing frameworks that allow testers to write and run automated tests for web applications.. In this article, we'll compare and contrast these three frameworks in terms of their features, advantages, and use cases to help you choose the right one for your testing needs………………

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Tweeting the Latest in Test - Our Newsletter Roundup of Top Tech Tweet 😀 

Here is a interesting thread for you trending on twitter for #testing on various types of testing by DunYan

Testing Takes LinkedIn by Storm: The Latest Posts and Insights from Top Testing Professionals 🤪 

Here is a interesting LinkedIn Post on how selenium with Java is a invaluable tool by Yuvraj Vardhan

If you are new to the Software industry and wants to stay updated with roadmaps, interview experiences, off-campus hiring notifications, competitive programming contest editorials/discussions, core CS subjects this post by Nikhil Barik is for you

GitHub Gems: Curated Collection of Cool Repos for Testers and Tech Enthusiasts

Here is a curated list of GitHub repos which you might be interested to have a look on :

  1. Framework on Playwright with Java by Pramod - Link

  2. 13 Amazing GitHub repos for an IOS dev - Link

  3. Different kinds of Testing Roles in QA - Link



  • Quickie AI - Copilot for web browsing, instantly available on any website - Link

  • Build a ChatGPT app that lets you chat with any codebase - Link

  • AI Hits - AI music top charts - Link

  • Insights Copilot - The first social media listening assistant powered by ChatGPT - Link


  • The Test Tribe 15th Mumbai Meetup - [13th May,2023, Mumbai] - Description : This event is a meet up organized by test tribe community and it’s agenda has two main sessions namely Unleashing the Power of Chat GPT for Testing by Geosley Andrades , Agile Testing Unleashed: Driving Continuous Quality in DevOps Environments by Siddhant Wadhwani 

    Here is the Registration Link for the event

  • Browser Stack Bangalore Meetup -

    Here is the Registration Link for the event

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