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Software Testing Digest December Edition

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Welcome to the December Mid,2023 edition of Software Testing Digest!

This issue is our Sixth🎖️edition which showcases the latest in software testing, including industry trends, tools, techniques, and expert insights to keep you ahead in the game. Let's dive right in!


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What Is Exploratory Testing, and Which Tools Can I use for it?

Understand exploratory testing and discover tools suitable for its effective implementation.

Why Fake Automated Testers and Software Test Architects Love ‘Headless Browser Testing’?

Explore why headless browser testing is beloved by automated testers and software test architects.

Selenium vs Cypress: Selecting the Right Test Automation Tool

Delve into a comparative analysis to select between Selenium and Cypress for test automation.

Model-Based Testing in Python

Learn about leveraging Python for model-based testing techniques and elevating software quality.

How Does AI Adoption Transform The Dynamics Of Software Testing?

This article explores the transformative effects of AI on software testing methodologies.


Exploratory testing takes center stage in this article, offering a comprehensive exploration of its principles, methodologies, and the diverse range of tools available for its implementation. The article reviews a spectrum of tools designed specifically for exploratory testing, empowering testers to select the most suitable tools.……………..

Here is the link for the full article

Uncover the allure behind headless browser testing in this illuminating article that sheds light on its growing popularity among automated testers and software architects. It unravels the benefits of headless browsers in testing environments, emphasizing their efficiency, speed, and resource optimization..…………..

Here is the link for the full article


This comprehensive comparison dissects the differences between two prominent test automation tools, Selenium and Cypress. It provides an in-depth analysis of their respective features, capabilities, and performance, assisting readers in making informed decisions about which tool aligns best with their testing needs.……………….

Here is the link for the full article

Offering insights into the powerful realm of model-based testing utilizing Python, this article highlights the significance of leveraging Python's versatility for constructing effective test models….………..

Here is the link for the full article


This article explores the seismic shift caused by the integration of AI within software testing methodologies. It delves deep into how AI-driven technologies are reshaping traditional testing paradigms, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and speed in software development processes.………………

Here is the link for the full article

Tweeting the Latest in Test - Our Newsletter Roundup of Top Tech Tweet 😀 

Here is a interesting thread for you trending on twitter for #testing on Various Frameworks

Testing Takes LinkedIn by Storm: The Latest Posts and Insights from Top Testing Professionals 🤪 

Here is a link to interesting LinkedIn Post on ROI Of Automation Testing

GitHub Gems: Curated Collection of Cool Repos for Testers and Tech Enthusiasts 📚️ 

Here is a curated list of GitHub repos which you might be interested to have a look on :

  1. How They Test: - A GitHub repository can serve as a comprehensive collection of public resources showcasing how software companies test their software. This repository typically contains documentation, code samples, test scripts, and other relevant materials shared by various companies - Link

  2. QA RoadMap: - Having a solid base of understanding how the software components work and integrate with each other as well as gaining the skills of breaking things is an essential skill-set for any QA engineer. This repo contains roadmap for various QA roles - Link

  3. Awesome Testing Courses: - A curated list of awesome online courses & tutorials on software testing, test automation and more. - Link



  • Mabl: Mabl is an AI-driven test automation platform that uses machine learning to automatically maintain tests and adapt to application changes. It provides automated functional testing capabilities - Link

  • Testim: Testim is an AI-based test automation platform that leverages machine learning to create and maintain tests. It aims to accelerate the authoring, execution, and maintenance of automated tests. - Link

  • Eggplant AI: Eggplant AI, now part of Keysight, is an AI-driven test automation platform that uses intelligent algorithms for test creation and execution. It focuses on improving testing efficiency and coverage - Link

Job Radar 🧑‍💼 

Testing Opportunities Galore!

Testing Academy's Latest Insights! 🎙️ 

  • Are you a QA Lead looking to take the next step in your career and become a QA Manager? This video is a comprehensive guide provides you with a step-by-step process to make that transition smoothly and effectively.- Link

  • If you’re preparing for a technical interview for a Quality Assurance (QA) Tester position that involves Java, you might be wondering what types of questions you can expect. The Top 10 JAVA technical interview questions for QA testers article is designed to help you prepare for your upcoming interview. - Link

That's it for this week's edition of software weekly digest. We hope you found these articles and insights helpful in your software testing journey.

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