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  • Software Testing Digest: The Art of Testing: Mastering Quality Checks - December 2023 Edition

Software Testing Digest: The Art of Testing: Mastering Quality Checks - December 2023 Edition

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Software Testing Digest December Edition

Hello Subscriber,

Welcome to the December Start,2023 edition of Software Testing Digest!

This issue is our Fifth🎖️edition which showcases the latest in software testing, including industry trends, tools, techniques, and expert insights to keep you ahead in the game. Let's dive right in!


Highlights if you are in a hurry 🏃 

A Roadmap for an Effective Test Automation Transition

This article contains an insightful information about the roadmap of how an Manual Tester or naive person can start his automation journey.

Let Your Users Drive The Test Automation – Katalon TrueTest

Through this article discover an innovative approach empowering users to take the lead in test automation through Katalon TrueTest

Testing tomorrow: AI’s kaleidoscope of software testing

Delve into the future of software testing, uncovering AI's transformative impact on testing methodologies.

Are observability and monitoring part of testing?

Explore the often overlooked yet critical components of testing: observability and monitoring.

Creating an automated test framework for React Native apps

Learn the step-by-step process to build a robust automated test framework tailored specifically for React Native apps.


Discover the ultimate guide to seamlessly transitioning into Test Automation. Unravel the roadmap that streamlines your journey, providing key insights, strategies, and best practices for a smooth and effective transition.. Open this article to start your journey into becoming an automation tester.……………..

Here is the link for the full article

Empower your users to steer your test automation strategy! Explore Katalon TrueTest's innovative approach, putting users in the driver's seat, ensuring a more responsive and user-centric automated testing experience .Don't miss this revealing exploration into how user drives the automation experince..……………..

Here is the link for the full article


Dive into the future of testing! Explore the captivating world where AI revolutionizes software testing. Unlock the diverse possibilities and advancements reshaping the landscape of tomorrow’s testing methodologies..……………….

Here is the link for the full article

Beyond testing lies a crucial realm: observability and monitoring. Delve into why these aspects are indispensable parts of testing. Explore how they enhance your testing strategies for superior software quality..…………………..

Here is the link for the full article


Uncover the secrets to building an efficient automated test framework tailored for React Native apps. Learn step-by-step how to create a robust framework that streamlines testing, ensuring top-notch app quality. Don't miss this essential read on how you can follow simple steps and create a robust framework!………………

Here is the link for the full article

Tweeting the Latest in Test - Our Newsletter Roundup of Top Tech Tweet 😀 

Here is a interesting thread for you trending on twitter for #testing on Load Testing

Testing Takes LinkedIn by Storm: The Latest Posts and Insights from Top Testing Professionals 🤪 

Here is a link to interesting LinkedIn Post by Nikolay Advolodkin on Page Factory vs Page Object Model.

GitHub Gems: Curated Collection of Cool Repos for Testers and Tech Enthusiasts 📚️ 

Here is a curated list of GitHub repos which you might be interested to have a look on :

  1. Project Based Learning: - Whether you're a seasoned developer looking to expand your portfolio or just starting your coding journey, this repository is a goldmine of opportunities.. - Link

  2. Concepts for JS Dev: - Master essential JavaScript concepts with curated learning resources - Link

  3. Tech Interview Handbook: -Ace your tech interview with practical content covering all phases of the process. - Link



  • Katalon Studio: Katalon Studio is an all-in-one test automation solution for web, mobile, API, and desktop application testing. - Link

  • Applitools: Applitools offers automated visual testing and monitoring for web and mobile applications. - Link

  • Mailtrap: Mailtrap is a fake SMTP server for development teams to test, view, and share emails sent from the development - Link

Job Radar 🧑‍💼 

Testing Opportunities Galore!

Testing Academy's Latest Insights! 🎙️ 

  • Selenium WebDriver is a powerful automation tool widely used for web testing and browser automation. As with any software, handling exceptions is a critical aspect of writing robust and reliable automation scripts. In this article, the author explained about various exceptions can usually occur while automating- Link

  • BDD is the most adopted type of framework in the industry. BDD revolves around aligning the development process with business objectives by emphasizing collaboration among developers, QA engineers, and non-technical stakeholder. In this article , the author explained about how BDD is beneficial over TDD and more - Link

That's it for this week's edition of software weekly digest. We hope you found these articles and insights helpful in your software testing journey.

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Happy testing, and see you next week!

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Yashwanth Baratam 🙋‍♂️ 

Author - Content team

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