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Software Testing Digest: Breaking Bugs Bulletin: Your QA Newsletter - December 2023 Edition

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Software Testing Digest December Edition

Hello Subscriber,

Welcome to the December End,2023 edition of Software Testing Digest!

This issue is our Eighth🎖️edition which showcases the latest in software testing, including industry trends, tools, techniques, and expert insights to keep you ahead in the game. Let's dive right in!


Highlights if you are in a hurry 🏃 

Testers Don’t Wait To Be Asked For Info

Discover the importance of proactive information sharing in testing workflows, emphasizing the value of timely communication within testing teams

Playwright’s Auto-Waiting is Wrong

Explore the critique of Playwright's Auto-Waiting approach, shedding light on its potential drawbacks and considerations for more effective automation strategies in 'Playwright's Auto-Waiting Is Wrong

Waiting Strategies for Test Steps in Web Test Automation

This article delves into effective techniques for managing and optimizing waiting strategies within web-based test automation, offering insights into enhancing test step performance.

Things I wish I knew while learning to use Selenium with Node.JS

Discover crucial insights and lessons learned while mastering Selenium with Node.JS in 'Things I Wish I Knew While Learning to Use Selenium with Node.JS,'

What is WebDriver? Is Selenium and Selenium-WebDriver the Same? A Brief on BrowserDriver Classes

A Brief on Browser Driver Classes' clarifies the distinctions between WebDriver, Selenium, and Selenium-WebDriver while exploring the functions.


Ever wondered about the power of proactive communication among testers? Uncover why waiting to be asked for information might be hindering your team's progress and collaboration in testing. Click to explore the pivotal importance of timely information sharing in refining testing strategies and team dynamics.………..

Here is the link for the full article

Dive into an intriguing critique of Playwright's Auto-Waiting approach, challenging its effectiveness in test automation. Unveil the potential pitfalls and alternative strategies that might optimize your automation workflows. Click to rethink your automation waiting methodologies and explore better practices.………..

Here is the link for the full article


Looking for ways to enhance test step performance in web-based automation? Delve into effective waiting strategies that might revolutionize your approach to web test automation. Click to unlock the secrets to more efficient and reliable test execution.…………….

Here is the link for the full article

Curious about the lessons learned while mastering Selenium with Node.JS? Explore valuable insights and tips shared by an experienced developer to navigate through the complexities of Selenium and Cucumber. Click to gain crucial insights for a smoother journey into Selenium testing.……..

Here is the link for the full article


Uncertain about the distinctions between WebDriver, Selenium, and Selenium-WebDriver? Dive into this insightful article, clarifying the differences and exploring the relevance of BrowserDriver classes in test automation. Click to gain a clearer understanding of these fundamental components in testing.…………

Here is the link for the full article

Tweeting the Latest in Test - Our Newsletter Roundup of Top Tech Tweet 😀 

Here is a interesting thread for you trending on twitter for #testing on Resolving Common Errors with Appium Testing Framework

Testing Takes LinkedIn by Storm: The Latest Posts and Insights from Top Testing Professionals 🤪 

Here is a link to interesting LinkedIn Post on How to Plan Testing for New Projects post #testing #sdet #testautomation #automation #career…

GitHub Gems: Curated Collection of Cool Repos for Testers and Tech Enthusiasts 📚️ 

Here is a curated list of GitHub repos which you might be interested to have a look on :

  1. 100 Tips of Testing with Java: - The repository contains an extensive compilation of 100 practical tips, strategies, and techniques for effectively utilizing Java testing tools. It covers various aspects of testing methodologies, frameworks, and best practices - Link

  2. Sailfish-core: - Sailfish is a test automation tool whose primary purpose is testing of bi-directional message flows in distributed trading platforms and market data delivery systems. It is a purely back-end tool (meaning that it does not have any front-end GUI testing capabilities) that is typically connected to message gateways / APIs utilized by trading or market data traffic.. - Link



  • TestRail : TestRail is your source for scalable, customizable, web-based test case management. Set up in just minutes with our cloud-based/SaaS solution, or install on TestRail your own server. - Link

  • Xray : Xray is the #1 Manual & Automated Test Management App for QA. It’s a full-featured tool that lives inside and seamlessly integrates with Jira. Its aim is to help companies improve the quality of their products through effective and efficient testing. - Link

Job Radar 🧑‍💼 

Testing Opportunities Galore!

Testing Academy's Latest Insights! 🎙️ 

  • In this video, we’re diving headfirst into the fascinating world of Mobile Testing. Whether you’re a seasoned tester or a curious beginner, understanding the ins and outs of mobile app testing is essential in today’s tech-driven world.- Link

  • In this video, we are going to learn about the ROADMAP to become an Automation Tester. We will discuss 4-5 Month action plan to switch from manual to automation Testing. - Link

That's it for this week's edition of software weekly digest. We hope you found these articles and insights helpful in your software testing journey.

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Happy testing, and see you next week!

Best regards,

Yashwanth Baratam 🙋‍♂️ 

Author - Content team

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